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Three powerhouses of conversation, along with the occasional guest, deliver to you episodes forged in humor, tempered with self-deprecation, and quenched in beer.

Join us as we laugh, quiz, and discuss all of life's inanities.

Apr 30, 2021

We cover all the things. Blood pressure, doctors, getting older, names, and a General Knowledge Quiz.

Apr 23, 2021

Siegs finds yet another podcast to listen to; Black Men Can’t Jump (In Hollywood). This sends the guys on a conversation concerning race in movies, roles, and characters.

Apr 16, 2021

Bobby talks about listening to music on drugs which puts us in a conversation about our experiences with it, the D.A.R.E. program, and cigarettes.

Apr 8, 2021

Siegs joins a Patreon, Bobby has a new phone, and Keith quizzes Siegs. We talk Youtube instructional videos, auto mechanics, sandwiches, and low class food.

Apr 1, 2021

No April Fools joke here, it’s just another great episode. Bobby learns a valuable lesson about headphones, Keith brings in an aged beer for us to try, we talk about the lifting of the mask mandate, and we have an Artists Known By One Name Quiz.